11 lightroom presets




11 lightroom presets

(pdf1basic;pdf2woods;pdf3warmskin;pdf4scape,pdf5scape;pdf6moodygreen;pdf7harsh;pdf8black&white;pdf9earth, pdf10fallvibes,pdf11color)


Q: Do I need to shoot RAW photos in order to use these presets?

A: No, the presets will work on any of your JPEG's. It's recommended that you shoot in RAW (raw file has more data)

Q: Can I use your presets in Lightroom Mobile (CC) on my phone?

A: Yes, these presets will work on DNG files taken with or stored on your phone. 

Q: How do I install the presets into Lightroom?

A: The latest update to Lightroom CC made it super easy to install presets. Click the (+) button that’s next to the presets folder in Lightroom. Next, find the folder named HARSHG1 or HARSHG2 either on your desktop or in your downloads folder and select all the presets. Once installed, completely close out of Lightroom and then reopen it and the presets should all be there.

Q: Do I need to download the ZIP file to my computer first?

A: Yes, once you download the zip file to your computer you can then import the presets into Lightroom.

Q: Can I download the presets on my phone/mobile browser?

A: In order to install the presets properly, you must download and install the presets on the desktop versions of Lightroom Classic CC and Lightroom CC

Q: Will these presets work on JPEGs?

A: Some will, some will not. These presets were designed to specifically work with a RAW file format in the Adobe Color profile and only a select few will be available when editing a JPEG.

Q: What programs support these presets?

A: These presets were designed specifically for Lightroom Classic CC but can also be installed in Lightroom CC, Photoshop CC and Adobe Camera RAW

Q: I bought the preset pack but don’t see an email to download.

A: Please check the spam or promotion folder of your inbox. Allow a day for digital delivery.